(C.a.M.) House of Dark Tidings CND-002

May / June 2015 DST Report

CND-002 House of Dark Tidings, May / June 2015 DST Report
Date Posted: July 18th, 2015
Name: Michael Berthiaume
Cam #: CA200012248
Ordeals Completed: All
Domain: Saint John, NB, CND-002 (House of Dark Tidings)
DC: Pam MacNeish
DC Email: DCHoDT@Gmail.com

Chris Fougere, VST Werewolf the Apocalypse, CA9771-006 (apocalypse.hodt@gmail.com)
Anita Fougere, aDST Vampire the Masquerade

CWoD Newspaper darktidings.visualvoodoo.ca/newspapers
Obsidian Portal (General Domain): https://c-a-m-house-of-dark-tidings-cnd-002.obsidianportal.com/
(Masquerade Venue [Private, requires Invitation]: https://c-a-m-hodt-vampire-the-masquerade.obsidianportal.com/

May 2015
Chris Fougere, VST WtA, 50 (Game Run, Report on Time)
Dave Glassford, Narrator VtM, 15
Anita Fougere, ADST Masquerade, 15
Vanessa Klohn, Narrator VtM, 5

June 2015
Chris Fougere, VST WtA, 40 (Game Run, Report Late)
Dave Glassford, Narrator VtM, 15
Anita Fougere, aDST Masquerade 15
Vanessa Klohn, Narrator VtM, 5

Vampire The Masquerade: Green. Game Run, Report Filed (here!)
Werewolf The Apocalypse: Green. Game Run, Reports Up to Date

Venue Report: Vampire the Masquerade

May: With the revelation that there were still incidents of madness going on around the city, the local court mobilized to try and seriously investigate the potential source of the problems… a vending machine in the Canada Games Aquatic Centre in the downtown core (which happened to be a place of common interaction between some of the victims.) Yet they seemed incapable of breaking through it’s mysterious secrets… until Jimmy of Clan Malkavian came forward with the Eyes of Chaos… but just as he was about to make a discovery it was like he simply shut off and they were left trying to get him to come out of it, ultimately giving up and taking him home. Additionally, following having staked and taken the fireworks producing caitiff last gathering, the Sheriff and friends were called to a similar incident in another part of town, where they discovered what was eventually revealed as a terrible illusion continuing the same actions… dealing with the illusion they quickly raced to where they kept the staked kindred only to eventually discover it too was an illusion! In both rage and thought they moved to a secluded place and summoned the Caitiff, finally cutting through all the layers of illusions and obfuscate to kill the maddened creature… Jack was Acknowledged and not Forsaken… killed by the Sheriff, a Brujah and a Malkavian… I wonder which will break and tell the Harpy or Prince first? Further! With an influx of allies from northern Maine, the Tremere managed to make some headway in their pursuit of the Rogue, Andrew Stantum… following a hot tip passed on by the Keeper of Elysium, they raced to follow his trail and through dogged perseverance managed to pierce his wards and discover his current hiding hole. Leaving nothing to chance, however, Andrew managed to escape their grasp by creating a scene they had to stop to prevent from breaching the masquerade!

June: A Social Gathering hosted by the Toreador at the Arts Centre was plagued by consistent noise from outside where a large biker rally visiting the city routinely drove through the area, and past the police headquarters for the city and courthouse for the county. Many other pursuits quickly lost focus as the gathering had a discreet gatecrasher who managed to elude the careful security of Servire Claude Pelletier only to deposit a short wave walky talky through which he later serenaded gathered members of the court and visitors until discovered. Careful examination of various sources gathered some circumspect information on the revealed Motorcycle Club Gang Member, which led the group to a flop house used by the locals that was where he’d been last seen. Discovering a trap, cooler heads prevailed and sought to use a less personal means of entry, which saw the building suddenly leveled and the summoned Elemental destroyed in the explosion. Tracking down only information of minor use in their sweep of the building, they also discovered an unseen observer watching and reporting on their actions who they caught and interrogated for information before killing.

I have also continued a project of emails for general player education on the various terms, lexicon and systems for BNS Masquerade titled “Know your Terms”


With the local gaming mini convention coming up in September, we’ve put in (and been cleared) to run a Featured Game of the Month during the event. I’ll be hosting and running two nights of Vampire the Masquerade with local plot and FGotM plot items, looking at a charity auction/indiegogo, our usual charity canteen, and an Alpha Slice Werewolf game on the Sunday which closes the convention.

Mapping Project:
The ST Maps have been made in at least a basic information format for both Vampire the Masquerade and Werewolf the Apocalypse, thankfully they’re modular and can be updated as information comes and goes without any real difficulties aside from the ones you’d expect from mapping an old, sprawling city. I continue to update and add information to the maps as passed on to me (or created now as ST over Masquerade)

I’ve been stressing to the membership and staff that Communication is the most important skill we can all demonstrate and use for the health and well-being of our domain and the club as a whole. To that end I maintain an open door policy with conversations, complaints and discussions. However, I always strive to have any complaints find at least one positive thing they can say on the subject to keep discussions constructive.

This is especially important as we continue to learn and understand the new system for Masquerade (and eventually Werewolf) as well as any other changes to come down the pipe. It’s a growing process that we’re all a part of and I look forward to helping people through it as a group.

As always, being humans, this is and will remain an on-going focus and project as we’ll likely always have the occasional problem arise that might have been less of an issue if clearer lines of communication had been used, or that they had been pursued sooner.

Michael “Bee” Berthiaume
DST CND 02 – House of Dark Tidings

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