Michael Berthiaume

The Bee, DST and Lead ST: Vampire


Elected DST in July of 2014,
Assumed Lead ST role for Vampire: The Masquerade venue in February 2015

Membership Number: CA200012248

Chaotic Neutral with Good Tendencies
Rogue 14

Improved Evasion
Sneak Attack
Slippery Mind…


Current/Former Positions of Note:
aVST then VST Mage the Ascension (HoDT)
DST Northern Winds (CND-099)
Lead ST: Changeling the Lost (CND-099)
aNST Dark Places on the Map (C.a.M.)
aNST Mage the Awakening (C.a.M.)
PL: Inconnu/Archons/Lineages (C.a.M. Masquerade)
aNST Vampire the Masquerade (C.a.M.)
PL: Brujah/Toreador (C.a.M. Masquerade)

Michael Berthiaume

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